Why Livingstone Primary School?

Livingstone Primary is a short-term remedial school. True to the words ‘little steps lead to big ones’; the school is celebrating 40 years of stellar service to learners and their families. 

Boasting a large staff of highly qualified remedial educators, specialist computer, music and sports educators, occupational therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, counsellors and social workers, each child is treated as an individual. 

Starting at the pre-school Developmental Unit, the school also has a foundation, intermediate and senior phase from Grade 1 to 7. Beyond the traditional pull-out system for supportive therapies, classroom-based therapy is also offered up to Grade 5. Individual Education Programmes, continuous monitoring of progress and small classes of up to 14 learners using a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team approach are all on offer. 

A sensory room, audiology booth, CAPD testing, award winning media centre, well equipped computer room and technologically equipped with FM systems and appropriate assistive devices, Livingstone is an outstanding support service to learners with at least average intelligence who experience barriers to learning for various reasons. 

Collaboration, commitment, care and compassion are key to the successes experienced by the learners who have journeyed through the school over the years in order to be the best they can be. 

My son absolutely thrived at Livingstone. Their attention to detail, care and high standards have been a major blessing to our family. Thank you Livingstone Primary School!

Nick Johnston

We are incredibly grateful to Livingstone for everything they have done for our daughter. Definitely the right choice! Thank you Livingstone.

Vicky Naidoo